VLSS Testimonials

Read quotes from veterinary professionals who have attended the 2022 Veterinary Laser Surgery Symposium (VLSS) and past symposia.

This has been amazing! I had no idea the depth of things I could do with my laser. I am so excited to do more. Thank you all!!!

Emily Whitehouse, DVM
Omaha, NE

Loved the case examples and different applications discussed.

Boaz Man, DVM
Boca Raton, FL

I loved the program. I learned a lot, and I am ready to get home to try some things out.

Edwin Kyle Davis, DVM
Eddyville, KY

I have had a CO2 laser for about 5 months at my practice and did not feel comfortable using it for more than simple lumpectomies due to (my) lack of experience with (laser) settings and safety. This conference really helped with those concerns and made me feel comfortable utilizing this unit in my practice. I also feel like we should be advertising this unit as a way to build our practice. The hands-on lab was great!

Jill Granite, DVM
San Clemente, CA

The program more than met my expectations. I loved every speaker, learned more from their presentations, and got a thorough understanding of the CO2 laser. I liked how interactive each presenter was, how organized the videos were, and how the laser settings were put aside for viewing. The wet lab was extremely helpful in terms of learning the practical applications of the laser, how to make a clean bloodless cut, and how to ultimately reduce patient pain and post-op recovery time. There was nothing I disliked from the program and I would love to be back for the next conference.

Nicholas Sakitis, DVM
Piscataway, NJ

The whole program was so helpful, especially the web lab, it was the best one I have attended. I loved the open discussions so everyone could share their questions and experiences.

Chih-Ming “Jimmy” Yu, DVM
Newburgh, IN

The program was wonderful and more than I expected. The wonderful speakers shared a wealth of cumulative knowledge. The hands-on experience was invaluable. The conference offered great networking opportunities.

Allison Inga, DVM, DACVD
Hightstown, NJ

I was impressed by the historical and practical information received on the applications of the surgical laser in veterinary medicine. All the speakers were great and I am looking forward to many more symposia. Thank you.

Roberto Legorreta, DVM
Fairfield, OH

Above and beyond my expectations. Incredibly helpful to understand the basics of laser surgery, the underlying physics, and numerous case examples.

William Ehrig, VMD
Arnold, MD

Overall, the content was great!! The speakers were very knowledgeable and provided excellent videos for instruction and teaching.

Luke Griffith, DVM
Bowling Green, KY

The program gave a good general overview of the CO2 laser surgeries and helped me understand how to use the new, more powerful laser.

William A. Radovich, DVM
Costa Mesa, CA

I found that this program provided much-needed knowledge of how to use my laser efficiently and with better outcomes. It also showed how breadth the scope of procedures it could be used for when applied correctly.

Hugh Davis, DVM
Northwood, NH

The program was very well organized with incredible speakers. This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended.

William F. Yohler, DVM
Healdsburg, CA

I really enjoyed the seminar. The speakers were great and most importantly very approachable. The videos were extremely helpful to show technique. Overall, wonderful lecture and symposium. Thank you!

Lisa Reiter, DVM, DACVD
St. Paul, MN

Fantastically informative. After listening to the wide array of speakers with different experiences and techniques, I can move forward with a new degree of confidence to utilize the laser in ways that will benefit my practice, as well as my patients, and in so doing serve my clients and elevate my clinic’s standard of care.

The cocktail hour and wet lab were invaluable in allowing one on one time with the gods of laser surgery. Thanks to everyone for putting together a great conference.

Brett Newton, DVM
Somerville, NJ

This has been an amazing eye-opening symposium. I wish I’d known of this VLSS community sooner. The practice I joined 12 years ago had a surgical laser but only used it limitedly. I realize how incorrectly I’ve utilized it over the years, so I’m very appreciative of the wealth of knowledge and experience put together for this symposium. The structure of the program I liked. Having the opportunity to have a round table with the speakers after their presentations were helpful.

Lisa L. Piña, DVM
Houston, TX

Great list of speakers who really delivered great talks and insights into using the laser with various applications. Many pearls of wisdom for older vets like myself. Invigorating for the mind. Helped put the “fun” back in veterinary medicine. Good venue.

Kirk Feinberg, DVM
San Diego, CA

I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve learned a lot about the physics of how a laser actually works… Some very good interactions with some very experienced faculty. It was very valuable for me.

There was a good range of presenters. I liked the fact that they were from different places around the world… A real practical variety to draw on people’s experiences. I thought it was excellent.

Karin Davids, BVSc, MANZCVS
Cheltenham, Vic, Australia

I look forward to implementing what I learned here. Please continue your excellent efforts to spread the word about the ALSC and its RACE approval. I look forward to seeing even more vets next year. It was a great pleasure joining you all again, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations!

Christopher Winker DVM, VMLSO
Seden, NY