The American Laser Study Club
4th Annual Symposium 2021

Online CE Lectures and Round-Table Panels
Held Throughout February 2021

The American Laser Study Club (ALSC) continues to accept abstracts of presentations of its upcoming 4th Annual Symposium

The 4th Annual Symposium of the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) will take place online throughout the month of February of 2021. The presentation formats will include live and on-demand lectures as well as live round-table panel Q&A discussions.

In recognition of the ALSC’s highly successful 3rd Annual Symposium in February of 2020, its hallmark “Breathe and Thrive” theme will continue as the 4th Annual Symposium’s focus to stress the growing awareness of airway disorders and their treatments. The spectrum and the range of topics addressed at the Symposium are not limited to the theme of the Symposium and will extend into a variety of new developments in laser medicine.

We are delighted to announce that the Symposium will feature lectures by several Kumar Patel Laser Surgery Prize recipients, including Robert Strauss MD DDS, Martin Kaplan DMD, David Duclos DVM, and John Godbold DVM, and many other distinguished laser practitioners and renowned educators. We are honored to also host presentations and participation by many outstanding educators in the field of laser treatment of tethered oral tissues (TOTS), including Ann Bynum DDS, Autumn Henning SLP COM IBCLC, Lauren Ballinger DDS, Grace Yum DDS, Richard Baxter DMD, Soroush Zaghi MD, Leyli Norouz-Knutsen, Chelsea Pinto DDS, and others.

We encourage all ALSC members, as well as non-member physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and other clinicians, to continue submitting abstracts in these previously announced categories:

  • Pediatric TOTS & Lasers
  • Adult TOTS & Lasers
  • Laser Dentistry, Surgery & Medicine
  • Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery & Medicine, including treatments for Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)


You are invited to join the scientists, researchers, and clinicians who will present their work at the upcoming ALSC Symposium.

More Details Coming Soon!

Testimonials from Past Symposia

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I thought the program exceeded my expectations. I loved the varied speakers + learned so much info that I can incorporate into my pediatric dental practice. Hearing not only from other pediatric dentists, but form sleep disorder specialists, airway specialists, oral surgeons, breastfeeding experts, myofunctional therapists – gave me a much better understanding of how to evaluate my patients. I also learned a lot about perfecting my frenectomy procedure.

Mary Ellen Nesnay, DMD

I have said a million times over that the ALSC Symposium is the most enriching event I attend annually. The colleagues that attend this meeting are top-notch. Everyone who attends is looking to help better the knowledge base and improve the standard of care to arrive at a level of best practices. This Symposium meets and exceeds my expectations every year. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the ALSC Symposium continues to deliver.

Matthew J. Rowe, DDS, MSD

I came into this inaugural conference not knowing what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I learned. The intermixing of different specialties was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to participating in the future. Having non-doctor clinicians was helpful to bring together the “big picture.”

Scott A. Siegel, MD, DDS, FACS, FICS, FAAP

I look forward to implementing what I learned here. Please continue your excellent efforts to spread the word about the ALSC and its RACE approval. I look forward to seeing even more vets next year. It was a great pleasure joining you all again, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations!

Christopher Winker DVM, VMLSO

Great program overall! It was well organized and ran on time. Presenters were all knowledgeable, humble, and wanting to continue to learn things themselves. Love the low egos in this Study Club! Food and beverages were great. It was nice having everything in one, nice, convenient area of the hotel.

Brynn L. Leroux, DDS

Fabulous meeting. I’ve been attending CE courses for 20 years. Best one and most applicable ever! Great presentations, very helpful slides and pictures. Engaging educators with useful educational information for my practice.

Jason Horgesheimer, DDS

I really enjoyed collaborating with other dentists who perform frenectomies. Getting advice and exchanging tips and ideas. I also enjoyed hearing from the OMT’s and IBCLC’s.

Loeta Robles, DDS

I think the program was very informative + great to hear from all the presenters. It’s wonderful to have so many like-minded individuals together trying to make a difference.

Molly Guy, DDS

What a great course – every time I come, I learn more and refine my techniques; it’s the latest info with the top people here in the field. Please continue.

Kirk Kollmann, DMD

I thought there was lots of great information that will be helpful to my practice at home immediately. I will be back next year! Thank you!

Jodi Tenney, DDS

I love this program, this group of people, their knowledge and compassion. Looking forward to next year.

René Moore, IBCLC, RLC, CLE

The program was very well organized with incredible speakers. This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended.

William F. Yohler, DVM

The program was great. A lot of useful information.

Rosanne Berger, DDS, IBCLC

Excellent, the best group and lectures I’ve been to yet!

Richard Baxter, DMD, MS

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