Course Testimonials

Read quotes from physicians, dentists, and other health professionals who have attended past American Laser Study Club endorsed courses.

Explained physics so that a dentist could understand it!!

Michelle Neves, DDS
Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
Fairfield, CT, US

Great program, walked away very comfortable with everything I learned.

Rassa Abdoll, DDS
Center for Pediatric Dentistry
Gilbert, AZ, US

The program was very informative and I am taking away much more knowledge than in previous courses.

Nathalie Phaeton, DDS
Oasis Pediatric Dental Care and Orthodontics
Falls Church, VA, US

Great course! Enjoyed it immensely. Speakers were great. Program was organized well.

Ashley Swan, DMD
Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry
Bend, OR, US

It was so helpful, so many real-life examples. I really liked how everyone was so open with their information.

Ryann McLennan, DMD
Small Smiles of Reno
Reno, NV, US

Great CE! I personally liked the realness and low key nature of the program. It had a great combination of “textbook” and “real world” applications/diagnosis. The live patient experience was a nice addition.

Charles Kim, DMD
Charles Kim Dentistry
Tacoma, WA, US

Very helpful and informative. Also very organized. Good quality speakers. Loved Dr. Kaplan’s lecture and input. Also, I appreciate the explanation of the physics of the CO2 laser. The live surgery helps to tie everything together.

Sylvia E. Arsuaga-Cruet, DMD
Westchester County, NY, US

The program provided great explanations of tongue- and lip-ties and explored the reasons why to perform or not perform frenectomies. There was a clear easily understood explanation of how different lasers work and their uses.

Ann Grihalva, MS, CCC-SLP
Valaraiso, IN, US

Excellent Information! Good introduction – I didn’t know anything about lasers before. Thank you!

Ashley Ulmer, DDS
Smiles by Ashley Ulmer DDS
Spokane, WA, US

The program exceeded my expectations. It brought clarity to what lasers are and do.

Kristopher Bouwmeester, DMD
Seymour Dental Center
Kamloops, BC, CA

Explained laser physics in a way I could understand very easily!

Kajal Joshi, DMD
DPD Smiles
Glen Ellyn, IL, US

The course was well thought-out and run very well. Presenters were knowledgeable and presented their topics well.

Andrew Beuttenmuller, DDS
Watertown Pediatric Dentistry
Watertown, NY, US

It was amazing. Thank you so much! I’m very excited to apply what I’ve learned.

Maegan Istok, DC
Get Well Be Well
Gilbert, AZ, US

Very helpful. The didactic was very good. Learning to understand the physics was good. We all need to have a basic knowledge of what we are using to treat our patients.

Brent E. Nelsen, DMD, FAGD
Derby Dental Care
Derby, KS, US

Best CE for the money I’ve ever taken. Very excited to pursue more education on this topic while building a team and finding a system to bring this to my office. The videos were great. I appreciated multiple points of view. … Great job. I highly enjoyed the experience.

Jeffrey Croarkin, DDS
The Danna Smile
Fort Worth, TX, US

Wonderful program! It exceeded expectations! Great exposure to lasers, frenectomies, and the team environment required for better and more predictable results. I loved the thoroughness and hands-on experience with the laser. I loved the practical advice on applying laser use in office and the importance of using the team for patient and parent satisfaction also.


It was very helpful. I enjoyed the presentations from a consultant therapist’s view and learning what they are looking for. I enjoyed the clinical photos … I am very excited to implement this in my office!

Marissa Dziepak, DMD
Bite Size Pediatric Dentistry
Frankfort, IL, US