ALSC Fellowship certificate example

Fellowship Certificate Example

The American Laser Study Club’s Fellow status indicates a doctor’s great commitment to education and training with surgical and dental lasers. To see a list of current ALSC Fellows, click here.

The requirements for becoming an ALSC Fellow are:

  1. Laser surgery must be in your scope of practice
  2. You must currently be an ALSC member
    (See a list of current members or become a member)
  3. You must have attended at least one ALSC course in the past with a hands-on laser lab*
    (See our list of upcoming courses or our list of past courses)
  4. You must be an LIA Laser Safety Basic Knowledge Certificate holder
    (LIA discounts are available for ALSC members)
  5. You must be an ALSC Laser Surgery Basic Knowledge Certificate holder
    (Use the link below for more information and to take the quiz)

If you are already an ALSC member, then click here for links and instructions on becoming an ALSC Fellow.

Fellows of the American Laser Study have achieved basic knowledge in laser surgery/dentistry and laser safety education.

For LightScalpel laser users listed on the directory, the ALSC Fellow status complements the other highly regarded achievements such as The Breathe Institute Ambassador and Tongue-Tied Academy Graduate.

*To be eligible to become a fellow you must have participated in at least one ALSC course hands-on wet lab using a laser on sample tissue. Note that not all ALSC courses include hands-on wet labs.