2024 Breathe and Thrive Symposium

February 2-4, 2024
San Diego, CA

The American Laser Study Club (ALSC) invites you to participate in our annual symposium with great sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for you. The “Breathe and Thrive” theme of the 2024 Symposium reflects the growing awareness of airway disorders among laser surgeons.

The symposium will offer different topics for medical professionals including:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)
  • Pediatric Laser Frenectomies and Beyond

This symposium is an excellent opportunity to introduce your products to laser clinicians from the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Myofunctional Therapy, Speech Pathologists, Lactation Consultants, and others.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in San Diego.

Past Exhibitor Testimonials

Jordan from Designs For Vision


Dale from CURAPROX

ALSC Symposium

The Most Comprehensive Medical Laser Learning Opportunities

Over 200 health care professionals from the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Myofunctional Therapy, Speech Pathologists, Lactation Consultants, and other health professionals, are expected to attend the conference, including world-renowned pioneers and innovators in laser medicine and key influencers in their respective fields.

The ALSC Symposium is a platform for networking and collaborating, as well as discovering new concepts, tools, and techniques to improve clinical skills and techniques with surgical and non-surgical lasers.


Standard Exhibitor/Sponsor – $3,000
For our standard vendors, we offer a single six-foot table, two chairs, and two vendor badges.

The exhibitor and sponsorship contract submission deadline is January 14, 2024, at midnight. Refunds will incur a 50% processing fee. No refunds after January 6, 2024.

Interested in becoming an exhibitor?

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    2023 Breathe & Thrive Exhibitors

    This Symposium is sponsored in part by an unrestricted educational grant from the following companies

    Armor DentalFaceologyThe Facial Beauty InstituteInnovative OpticsSpot PalREMasteredSleepLightScalpel

    Learn more about the exhibitors

    Armor Dental

    Armor Dental develops and manufactures a patented portfolio of soft-retraction dental instruments, which are revolutionizing both the provider and patient experience not only chairside but is also improving the connected health loop between clinician and patient so long-term oral health maintains. Armor Dental has developed the entirely new concept of soft retraction in healthcare and introduced the first of a growing soft retraction line of instruments, which include Scan-Mate and Mouth-Mate, which are available today through major distributors and partners. Armor Dental has also partnered with leading academic institutions, in addition to conducting product pilots with several leading dental schools in the U.S. Armor Dental has a pipeline of additional soft retraction products in development that leverage existing I.P. and will soon be launching a revolutionary new device for medical procedures. All of our products are developed and validated with dental and medical key opinion leaders worldwide. Armor Dental is based in Boston, MA.

    Visit Armor-Dental.com


    Online Myofunctional Therapy-Orofacial myofunctional therapy is just like physical therapy. It uses simple exercises for the muscles of the mouth, face, and head/neck to restore proper breathing and oral function.

    Frenectomy Support (Tongue-Tie releases)-We support patients and doctors by: Achieving proper tongue placement for optimal breathing and oral/facial function, Teaching comprehensive pre-and post-op exercises to support tongue-tie releases, and Helping them to find the right doctor to achieve the best results.

    Airway Support-Faceology helps you tackle the root cause of your breathing struggles from the comfort of your own home.

    Visit MyFaceology.com
    The Facial Beauty Institute

    The Facial Beauty Institute

    $1000 OFF Course 1: Facial Growth and OsseoRestore Appliances tuition with Dr. Stephen Deal! Come learn the absolute most cutting edge airway orthodontic technique available today! The Facial Beauty Institute™ provides comprehensive training on Growth and Development and Orthodontics through lectures and hands-on interchanges. You will receive the skills, knowledge and tools you need to successfully incorporate these procedures and innovations into your practice. Just 3 cases per month can add an additional $270,000/yr to your practice.

    Visit FacialBeautyInstitute.org
    Innovative Optics

    Innovative Optics

    Innovative Optics was established in 1993 with a focus on manufacturing high quality specialized laser safety products. We’re here to educate and determine the best safety solutions to fit your needs. Our line of laser safety items includes laser loupe protection, laser glasses, IPL glasses, patient goggles, disposable eye shields, laser barriers, accessories & more. Get in touch with our team of Certified Laser Safety Officers at sales@innovativeoptics.com.

    Visit InnovativeOptics.com
    Spot Pal

    *Train*Retain*Breathe Free*

    Spot Pal is a custom fit daytime and nighttime tongue-training appliance. It is designed to teach proper lingual resting posture, eliminate tongue thrusting and extinguish noxious oral habits including thumb/finger sucking and nail-biting. Habituating proper lingual resting posture supports proper facial growth and the natural expansion of the maxilla, while eliminating the tongue pressure on the dentition which maximizes retention. Proper oral posture encourages correct nasal breathing, supports the reduction in TMJ/D symptoms, maximizes the airway for restful sleep, and improves articulation.

    Visit TheSpotPal.com
    REMasteredSleep - REMplenish


    At our company we believe that… EVERYONE can benefit from improved sleep and a healthier airway. REMplenish™ the innovative, easy & affordable way to improve airway health & sleep!

    REMplenish is the first myofunctional therapy water bottle designed to improve airway health and reduce the risk of snoring by strengthening oral musculature that encourages proper swallow and tongue posture while enhancing nasal breathing. 93% of snorers reported improvement in 1 month.

    At REMastered Sleep we are changing how the world views airway health, using science and exercise to naturally breathe and sleep better.

    Visit RemasteredSleep.com


    LightScalpel’s exclusive flexible-fiber delivery system and ‘pen-like’ handpieces make it the most ergonomic CO2 laser on the market. The LightScalpel handpiece is held closer to the target tissue than any other CO2 laser brand which allows for great precision. The laser delivers predictable and repeatable tissue response, fast ablation, and instant hemostasis. It’s the tool of choice for soft-tissue procedures including frenectomy.

    Visit LightScalpel.com