Benefits of Laser Surgery in Veterinary Dermatology. Case Study – David Duclos DVM, DACVD


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A combination of the CO2 laser wavelength, and SuperPulse settings, and a variety of beam geometries, allows for a char-free and bloodless surgery with highly controllable speed and depth of vaporization with dynamic range from micrometers to millimeters. The depth is proportional to laser power and inversely proportional to laser beam width and hand speed. An instant hemostasis during high speed vaporization/ablation/cutting affords the clinician with the improved visibility of the surgical field and allows for more precise and accurate tissue removal. As observed in our surgeries, healing with the 2 laser is markedly different from the other surgical modalities, it is uncomplicated and predictable.

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About the Author

David Duclos, DVM, DACVD is a small-animal practitioner in Lynnwood, Wash., where he is the owner and clinical dermatologist at the Animal Skin & Allergy Clinic. He completed his residency in veterinary dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an associate clinical instructor for the Western University College of Veterinary Medicine in Pomona, Calif., and teaches senior veterinary students as externs at his clinic. Dr. Duclos also teaches veterinary residents in dermatology who are seeking to learn more about laser surgery for 2 to 4 week externships sponsored by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. He authored a number of book chapters and scientific papers on various subjects in veterinary dermatology. He extensively lectures in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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