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Functional Approach to Sleep, Breathing and Laser Frenuloplasty

This was held May 31, 2019 - June 2, 2019 in Bothell, WA

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This course will be offered again in Seattle in Fall 2019. Details to come.

Functional Approach to Sleep Breathing and Laser Frenuloplasty
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  • Soroush Zaghi, MD
  • Sandra Valcu-Pinkerton, RDHAP, Myofunctional Therapist
  • Chelsea Pinto, DDS, Infant Tongue-Tie Specialist
  • Leyli Norouz-Knutsen, Co-founder of The Breathe Institute
  • Peter Vitruk, PhD, Laser Physicist and Founder of the ALSC

In this course attendees will learn about the advanced treatments for mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea through a functional approach. Assessing, screening and diagnosing tongue-tie and myofunctional issues will be discussed in the context of sleep and breathing issues. The course is designed to give a solid understanding of why and when to treat tongue-ties and to demonstrate examination techniques through hands-on evaluations and live demonstration. One of the main objectives of this course is to improve the outcomes of tongue-tie release surgery through group discussion and demonstration. Live surgical demonstrations will be performed.

This course will also focus on the practical aspects of soft tissue laser surgery, as well as on the fundamental processes involved in the laser-tissue interaction and helps attendees learn how deep the laser beam cuts and how deep the coagulation and hemostasis extend into the surgical margins. Our hands-on participation lab is designed to train attendees on performing laser frenuloplasty safely and efficiently.

The course covers the following topics:


  • Interpretation of the results of sleep studies
  • Discussion of co-morbidities and risks of OSA
  • Pathology and physiology
  • Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)
  • Mouth breathing and nasal reeducation
  • The role of medication and nutrition
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Myofunctional therapy: pre/post frenuloplasty
  • Early signs in children
  • Early interceptive orthodontics
  • Sleep meditation
  • Beyond CPAP and oral appliance
  • Advanced surgical options
  • Functional techniques to incorporate into practice


  • Assessment, screening and diagnosis of tongue-ties in children and adults
  • Identifying compensations for tongue-tie
  • Identifying when the patient is ready for frenuloplasty
  • Surgical techniques using laser and sutures
  • Hands-on suturing workshop on synthetic tissue
  • Identifying the endpoints of release
  • Understanding the aftercare process
  • What to look for at post-op appointments


A good surgical laser for cutting soft tissue must be able to efficiently vaporize soft tissue, while at the same time efficiently coagulating surgical margins. Not all laser wavelengths are suitable to comply with both requirements. Laser Surgery and Safety Basic Knowledge Certification Curriculum for this course has been developed by the American Laser Study Club (ALSC). The ALSC’s curriculum overcomes the known limitations of many laser dentistry courses, and includes the detailed physics of soft tissue ablation and coagulation with laser and hot tip (non-laser) devices. Laser hands-on wetlab on tissue samples will include different laser wavelengths and will include a 3-hour Hands-On Participation Session with simulations of Practicing Surgical Techniques on a Pig jaw.

About the Breathe Institute:
The Breathe Institute is highly regarded in the medical and dental communities. They support a clinical team that offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to patients in the Greater Los Angeles area, observing airways, tonsils, tongue-ties/lip-ties, Sleep Disordered Breathing, and much more. Rather than providing disease management, their emphasis leans towards prevention and wellness. The Breathe Institute not only cares for patients, but also provides education through scheduled courses. The Breathe Institute supports a concierge healthcare affiliate/practice that empowers people to reach their health and wellness goals through knowledge sharing and exposure to some of the most sought after physicians in the world.

About the ALSC:
American Laser Study Club was founded to promote science-based laser dentistry, surgery and safety education. The ALSC is proud of its curriculum and its distinguished membership, including our honorary members Gordon j. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD and Rella P. Christensen, RDH, PhD, world renowned leaders in dental product research and education, who welcomed the ALSC’s mission: “Peter, we congratulate you on starting a laser study club. It is greatly needed, and you are the man to do it.” Other Honorary Members of the ALSC are Charles M. Cobb, DDS, MS, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Periodontics, School of Dentistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City; and C. Kumar N. Patel, PhD, MS, the Inventor of the CO2 Laser; Recipient of National Medal of Science (1996); Member of US National Inventors Hall of Fame 2012; Professor Emeritus, UCLA. The ALSC is proud to have helped many dentists and surgeons.

*Information, terms, and conditions in this communication are subject to change without prior notice. The American Laser Study Club reserves the right to change the course’s location, date and time, material; and cancel the course. Registered attendees will be notified within a reasonable window of time about any major changes to the course. If a course is canceled, registrants will be notified, via email, two weeks before the course date, at which time a full refund will be issued.



May 31, 2019
June 2, 2019
$400 – $2095


The Breathe Institute
ALSC – American Laser Study Club


11818 North Creek Parkway North, Suite 100
Bothell, WA 98011 United States
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