Join Us March 4-5, 2022, in Las Vegas

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Redefining Your Surgical Standard of Care

The 2022 Veterinary Laser Surgery Symposium of the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) will take place in Las Vegas, NV on March 4-5, 2022 (immediately preceding the Western Veterinary Conference – WVC). This is the one and only gathering for veterinarians with a focus on laser surgery, it will also include a hands-on laser surgery lab. This is a great place to meet colleagues, network, and learn from renowned veterinary surgeons and dermatologists. Attendees will learn about surgical laser applications, techniques, technologies, laser science, and safety education.

Hands-On Laser Surgery Lab

A soft-tissue laser surgery hands-on wet lab will be available during the Symposium at no additional cost to attendees. This is a great opportunity for clinicians to try out soft-tissue surgical lasers firsthand and simulate the variety of soft tissue procedures on tissue samples (including pig head/jaws). This is intended for both new and advanced laser surgeons.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Up To 15 CE Hours AVMA RACE CE Credits – Approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

The Venue

Suncoast Hotel and Casino
9090 Alta Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89145


Registration discounts are available for ALSC members.

  • Ray Arza, DVM – “New Concepts and Innovations in CO2 laser surgery”
  • Noel Berger, DVM, MS – “Chirurgie La Ser Du Bouledogue Francais (French Bulldog Surgery)”
  • Lorraine Corriveau, DVM, Dipl. ABVP – “CO2 Laser, Its Uses in General Practice, Its Benefits to Patients, and Its Overall Value for the Veterinary Practice”
  • David Duclos, DVM, Dipl. ACVD – “Use of the CO2 Laser to Treat Papilloma Virus Lesions in Dogs and Cats”
  • John Godbold Jr, DVM – “The Evolution of Laser Surgery to Your Standard of Care”
  • Jakub Kaczmarek, DVM, DECVS – “CO2 Laser World – Clean, Fast and Safe Cuts”
  • Jakub Kaczmarek, DVM, DECVS – “How Surgical Lasers Can Help Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeons”
  • Boaz Man, DVM – “Learn to Savor the Flavor of CO2 Laser”
  • C. Kumar N. Patel, PhD, MS, Inventor of CO2 Laser – “The Discovery of the CO2 Laser”
  • Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, CPhys – “How Deep Do Lasers Cut and Coagulate?”
  • Christopher J. Winkler, DVM, VMLSO, FALSC, FALSMS – “Your CO2 Laser and You”
  • PLUS Hands-On Laser Surgery Wet Lab

Keeping You Safe

The safety of meeting attendees is a high priority. Therefore, the ALSC will require all participants to follow applicable federal, state and local public health requirements, CDC guidance, and all implemented safety precautions established by Symposium and hotel venue. The ALSC strongly encourages all meeting attendees, exhibitors, and guests attending the ALSC Symposium to be fully vaccinated prior to traveling. The ALSC’s onsite staff are required to be vaccinated. Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ALSC will continue to review and update our COVID-19 safety information, policies and requirements as dictated by changing circumstances and regulations.

Testimonials from Past Symposia

The program was very well organized with incredible speakers. This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended.

William F. Yohler, DVM

I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve learned a lot about the physics of how a laser actually works… Some very good interactions with some very experienced faculty. It was very valuable for me.

There was a good range of presenters. I liked the fact that they were from different places around the world… A real practical variety to draw on people’s experiences. I thought it was excellent.

Karin Davids, BVSc, MANZCVS

I look forward to implementing what I learned here. Please continue your excellent efforts to spread the word about the ALSC and its RACE approval. I look forward to seeing even more vets next year. It was a great pleasure joining you all again, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations!

Christopher Winker DVM, VMLSO

See You In Las Vegas!