CO2 Laser Surgery Post-Operative Pain and Healing. A Partial Literature Review.


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Several studies have found the reduced presence of contractile myofibroblasts – cells accountable for diminished postoperative scarring – in CO2 laser surgical wounds when compared to scalpel surgery. The authors of this review believe both the reduced production of myofibroblasts and reduced post-operative pain can be partially explained by the optimal depth of coagulation/hemostasis on CO2 laser surgical margins. Decreased extravasation of blood and lymphatic fluids into the CO2 laser wound space impedes the release of inflammatory mediators. This results in less edema around the laser wound than following conventional surgery and delayed minimal inflammatory response. To an extent, this may also account for the reduced immediate postoperative pain after CO2 laser surgery. Despite the abundant research and anecdotal reports regarding diminished pain following CO2 laser surgery, the exact mechanism behind it remains to be explained.

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About the Authors

Anna (Anya) Glazkova, PhD, is the clinical continuing education coordinator at LightScalpel, LLC.

Peter Vitruk, PhD, MInstP, CPhys, is a Member of The Institute of Physics, UK, and a founder of the American Laser Study Club (, and LightScalpel, LLC, both in the USA. Dr. Vitruk can be reached at 1-866-589-2722.

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