WEBINAR RECORDING – Tongue-Tie Update: How Oral Restrictions Impact Feeding, Speech, and Sleep Across the Lifespan

Now is your chance to watch the on-demand webinar “Tongue-Tie Update: How Oral Restrictions Impact Feeding, Speech, and Sleep Across the Lifespan” with Richard Baxter, DMD, MS. This webinar was originally recorded on April 9, 2024.

Abstract: It seems that everywhere you turn, parents and professionals are discussing, concerned about, and asking questions about tongue and lip-ties. With so many opinions, objections, and success stories, it’s hard to cut through the noise. This evidence-based and clinically informed presentation will provide clarity to the real issues a restricted tongue can cause throughout the lifespan. Healthcare providers are well-positioned to screen for, diagnose and treat, or refer these patients with a team-based approach to manage these very common conditions. A review of the relevant literature, over a dozen clinical cases of all ages, diagnostic criteria, assessment techniques, treatment videos, and recommendations will be discussed in this comprehensive lecture. Dr. Baxter will share the knowledge, successes, and struggles from his practice and experience in treating thousands of patients with these conditions.

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    Richard Baxter, DMD, MS

    About Dr. Richard Baxter

    Dr. Baxter is the founder and owner of the Alabama Tongue-Tie Center and Shelby Pediatric Dentistry in Pelham, AL. He is an internationally recognized speaker on tongue ties, an instructor of the acclaimed Tongue-Tied Academy course, and the author of the best-selling book Tongue-Tied.

    He is a board-certified pediatric dentist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

    Dr. Baxter is an honorary member of the American Laser Study Club and the recipient of the 2021 Kumar Patel Prize in Laser Surgery for his outstanding contributions to pediatric dental laser surgery education. He is a LightScalpel CO2 laser user and has been a Keynote Speaker at the Breathe and Thrive ALSC Symposia every year since 2019.

    Dr. Baxter attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, graduating at the top of his class. Dr. Baxter received his pediatric dentistry specialty certification from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital residency program in Columbus, OH.