WEBINAR RECORDING – Developing Optimal Maxilla for Tongue Rest and Function

Now is your chance to watch the on-demand webinar “Developing Optimal Maxilla for Tongue Rest and Function” with Dr. Marianna Evans, DMD. This webinar was originally recorded on October 17, 2023.

This webinar delves into the critical role of maxillary development in achieving the ideal tongue rest position at the roof of the mouth. Dr. Evans explores interdisciplinary treatments, early-life factors, and cutting-edge orthodontic technologies, including CO2 lasers for tongue-tie releases. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into how optimal maxillary development can significantly impact overall health.

Key Talking Points:

  • Ideal Tongue Rest Position: Understand why the roof of the mouth is ideal for tongue rest and how this plays a crucial role in maxillary growth and development.
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment for Maxillary Development: Learn how combining orthodontics with myofunctional therapy can optimize maxillary development and ensure proper tongue positioning.
  • Role of Early-Life Factors: Explore the impact of breastfeeding and diet on maxillary development and how they set the stage for ideal tongue rest positions later in life.
  • Latest in Orthodontic Technology: Discover cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize maxillary development treatments, including special bone anchors and palatal expanders.
  • CO2 Lasers in Tongue-Tie Releases: Learn how CO2 lasers make tongue-tie releases more efficient and effective, further aiding in achieving optimal tongue rest positions.

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    About Dr. Evans

    Dr. Marianna Evans is a Board-certified dual specialist in Orthodontics and Periodontics. Her multidisciplinary training allows her to manage complex orthodontic and periodontal cases, and focus on early prevention of dental problems using the latest advances in orthodontics and periodontics.

    Dr. Evans divides her time between private practice, teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Orthodontics and clinical research. She founded her private practice in 2010 and is currently advancing new research in 3-D imaging, palatal expansion and periodontal regeneration.

    As a published researcher, Dr. Evans frequently lectures around the world on Orthodontics, periodontics and dental implants. At home, she co-founded the OrthoPerio Institute, that provides courses on developments in Orthodontics, periodontics and dental implants to both clinicians and their staff.

    The focus of her treatment approach is to create harmony between facial beauty and healthy dentition. Her experience shows that the right diagnoses and treatment of malocclusion in young patients can eliminate the need for surgical and restorative intervention in later years, and even the extraction of teeth. Minimally invasive periodontal plastic surgery is the way of the future and Dr. Evans is expert in bone and cosmetic gum grafting. She also specializes in implant therapy, orthopedic palatal expansion, orthodontics for adults and children, diagnosis and management of sleep apnea, congenitally missing and impacted teeth and TMD treatment.