Team Approach to Functional Laser Frenuloplasty and Optimal Orofacial Function – Article Summary

Providing a functional laser frenuloplasty, including extensive myofunctional therapy and bodywork, within the same practice will ensure that patients get the most comprehensive treatment. Check out the new article by Melissa Mugno, OMT, RDH, and Tara Erson, DMD, “Team Approach to Functional Laser Frenuloplasty and Optimal Orofacial Function.”

Article Summary

In adults, an optimal orofacial function can be attained through the deep functional release of restrictive frenal attachments and re-education of orofacial soft tissues. The functional laser frenuloplasty consists of the following three equally important parts: 1) methodical pre-frenuloplasty OMT; 2) CO2 laser release of tethered oral attachments performed with the frequent assessment of the tongue mobility and the presence of tension (to achieve the maximum ROM and ensure that there are no anatomical obstacles in the way of the patient’s myofunctional therapy); and 3) methodical post–frenuloplasty OMT. The authors strongly feel that the ability to provide extensive OMT, bodywork and deep lingual frenum release within the same practice ensures that the patient receives the most comprehensive treatment in a familiar environment, and without the need to travel to multiple providers. Importantly, all the team members are well familiar with the patient’s treatment plan and closely follow the patient’s progress.

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