American Laser Study Club Membership Benefits for 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 healthcare crisis, the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) has shifted its efforts to online learning. The ALSC has added a few new member benefits to help its members to continue to pursue continuing education from home.

New benefits for being a member of the ALSC include:

  • NEW – Discounted rate on Dr. Richard Baxter’s “Tongue-Tied Academy Online Comprehensive Course
  • NEW – Discounted rate on Dr. Chelsea Pinto’s Baby Breathe Courses in 2020. These Breathe Institute courses help practitioners diagnosed and treat tongue- and lip-ties in pediatric patients. A discount code will be made available for future courses.
  • NEW – Access to the webinar “The New Normal: Practicing in the Time of An Ongoing Healthcare Crisis” webinar with the Breathe Institute’s Leyli Norouz-Knutsen, Chad Knutsen, and Sarah Hornsby, OMT.

Previously existing member benefits include:

With an ALSC membership, you will receive assistance learning laser-tissue interaction science necessary to advance your medical laser skills and knowledge. Don’t waste your money elsewhere!

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