Laser-Tissue Interaction Short Video Review – Soft-Tissue Laser Education

Peter Vitruk, PhD, founder of the American Laser Study Club (ALSC), presents a short review of laser-tissue interaction as it applies to laser surgery in vascular tissue. Dr. Vitruk discusses different laser wavelengths’ strengths and weaknesses in soft-tissue laser surgery.

Some of the questions answered in this presentation include:

  • What defines a GOOD soft-tissue surgical laser?
  • What defines the differences between the ABLATIVE and NON-ABLATIVE lasers?

Surgical and dental laser wavelengths discussed in this presentation include:

  • Near-IR diode and Nd:YAG lasers (circa 1,000 nm)
  • Mid-IR Erbium lasers (circa 3,000 nm)
  • IR CO2 lasers (circa 10,000 nm)