Dr. Debi Kuntz Is Now a Fellow of the American Laser Study Club

We are delighted to recognize the achievements of Debi Kuntz, DDS, who has earned the Fellow title from the American Laser Study Club (ALSC). This Fellow status is awarded to individuals who showcase a great knowledge of laser surgery basics and safety measures, as confirmed by passing the ALSC and LIA (Laser Institute of America) tests. Click on this link to learn more about the ALSC Fellow designation and see the full roster of ALSC fellows.

About Dr. Kuntz

Dr. Kuntz graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska, with her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011. She returned to her childhood home in Polk County and has been practicing general dentistry locally for over a decade. Fascinated with our bodies’ innate ability to heal when given the right conditions, she sees the mouth as a window into the health of the rest of our body and enjoys educating patients on tangible ways to improve their oral (and overall) health that go far beyond good brushing and flossing habits.

A growing interest in sleep apnea encouraged Dr. Kuntz to take a course with airway medicine pioneer Dr. Soroush Zaghi, ENT, sleep surgeon, and medical director at The Breathe Institute in California. This deep dive into sleep, breathing, and airway medicine changed her career trajectory. She suddenly understood why nursing her babies was so difficult, why her son was falling off the growth curve and had trouble focusing, and why, despite sleeping for 8 hours, she struggled to get out of bed in the morning. She realized her own medical and dental history perfectly illustrated the effects of unaddressed airway issues over time, and she could see her children heading down the same path. Few things are stronger than a mother’s urge to protect her children, and Dr. Kuntz set out on a mission to improve her family’s airway health. Many courses, seminars, and books later, helping patients sleep and breathe better became her sole focus. She developed a passion for treating infants and children and decided to dedicate her dental career to this branch of medicine. Thanks to many family members, friends, and colleagues’ support, 2022 Breathe and Thrive was officially born.

Outside of her clinical endeavors, Dr. Kuntz and her family spend most of their time enjoying all that nature has to offer. They love gardening, hunting, fishing, and foraging in the forest. In the winter months, she and her husband, Jake, are busy cheering on their boys as they play for the local hockey league, the River Valley Eagles.

Learn more about Dr. Kuntz at breatheandthrive.us.

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