2021 American Laser Study Club Symposium’s Call for Abstracts and Announcement of Venue.

The American Laser Study Club (ALSC) continues to accept abstracts of presentations of its upcoming 4th Annual Symposium.

BOTHELL, WA, US, October 22, 2020 — The 4th Annual Symposium of the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) will take place online throughout the month of February of 2021. The presentation formats will include live and on-demand lectures as well as live round-table panel Q&A discussions. The ALSC continues to accept abstracts.

In recognition of the ALSC’s highly successful 3rd Annual Symposium in February of 2020, its hallmark “Breathe and Thrive” theme will continue as the 4th Annual Symposium’s focus to stress the growing awareness of airway disorders and their treatments. The spectrum and the range of topics addressed at the Symposium are not limited to the theme of the Symposium and will extend into a variety of new developments in laser medicine.

We are delighted to announce that the Symposium will feature lectures by several Kumar Patel Laser Surgery Prize recipients, including Robert Strauss MD DDS, Martin Kaplan DMD, David Duclos DVM, and John Godbold DVM, and many other distinguished laser practitioners and renowned educators. We are honored to also host presentations and participation by many outstanding educators in the field of laser treatment of tethered oral tissues (TOTS), including Ann Bynum DDS, Autumn Henning SLP COM IBCLC, Lauren Ballinger DDS, Grace Yum DDS, Richard Baxter DMD, Soroush Zaghi MD, Leyli Norouz-Knutsen, Chelsea Pinto DDS, and others.

We encourage all ALSC members, as well as non-member physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and other clinicians, to continue submitting abstracts in these previously announced categories:

  • Pediatric TOTS & Lasers
  • Adult TOTS & Lasers
  • Laser Dentistry, Surgery & Medicine
  • Veterinary Laser Dentistry, Surgery & Medicine, including treatments for Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

This on-going call for abstracts will end on November 30, 2020. To submit your abstract, please visit alsc.club/abstract.

To learn more about the 2021 ALSC Symposium please visit alsc.club/symposium.